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We follow you from acute injury management right through to getting you back onto the sports field.

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Our physiotherapists use a number of techniques and tools to tailor your treatment plan specifically for your needs and what you need your body to do.


Sports Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists have expertise in load management for young athletes and we are able to guide you on how much, or how little, you should be doing.

Sports Rehabilitation

Escalated Care Pathway (ECP)

The ECP is an initiative where ACC fully fund a package of care which is provided by an interdisciplinary team of health professionals including physiotherapists, sports physicians, orthopaedic surgeons and occupational therapists.

Escalated Care Pathway (ECP)


An excellent tool for improving core stability, important for injury prevention and to enhance sporting performance.


Our mission is to deliver a quality physiotherapy service, by providing sports injury management by experienced physiotherapists. Our service is easily accessible to all, especially the young athlete.

Our vision is to educate young athletes regarding the importance of injury prevention and acute injury management and to provide full rehabilitation, enabling early return to sport and activity. In doing so we aim to instil appropriate injury management strategies for clients in future years.

Balance Physiotherapy has provided sports injury clinics in secondary and tertiary institutions in Christchurch for 16 years. This is what we do and all our physiotherapists are very experienced in treating and managing injuries and conditions in adolescents.

We are an ACC certified physiotherapy practice. You can see us without a referral and we can take care of all the ACC paperwork for you.

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Proud to sponsor up-and-coming athletes

We realise sometimes you may not get the care you need to allow you to perform at your best.  We want to help you get out there, stay out there and show everyone how well you can do. Balance Physiotherapy offers sponsorship which provides physiotherapy care for you at school for the year, without surcharge. Ask us how to apply.

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Our team of experienced therapists help young athletes return back to their sport and activity in better shape than they were pre-injury.

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