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We follow you from acute injury management right through to getting back onto the sports field.


Our physiotherapists use a number of techniques and tools to tailor your treatment plan specifically for your needs and what you need your body to do. This ensures that you will undergo the optimal rehabilitation programme for you to get back to doing what you enjoy and allowing you to perform at your best.

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Sports Rehabilitation

Our physiotherapists have expertise in load management for young athletes and we are able to guide you on how much, or how little, you should be doing.

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Escalated Care Pathway (ECP)

The ECP is an initiative where ACC fully fund a package of care which is provided by an interdisciplinary team of health professionals including physiotherapists, sports physicians, orthopaedic surgeons and occupational therapists.

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Functional Movement Screening

Functional movement screening is a useful tool utilised by our physiotherapists to identify these side-to-side differences which influence the way we move. Scores on functional movement screening have in research to be an indicator of likelihood of injury.

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An excellent tool for improving core stability, important for injury prevention and to enhance sporting performance.

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Educational Sessions

Through our extensive contact with adolescents and our affiliation with schools and tertiary institutions, we offer education sessions for teams, classes or groups on a variety of physiotherapy related topics.

Educational sessions


PhysioFITT is a targeted programme of physical activity or exercise, provided by Physiotherapists, for specific individuals who do not or cannot currently exercise because of physical, mental, personal or environmental barriers.

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