Integrated Care Pathway (ICP)

Balance Physiotherapy is a provider for the ECP.

The ECP is an initiative where ACC fully fund a package of care which is provided by an interdisciplinary team of health professionals including physiotherapists, sports physicians, orthopaedic surgeons and occupational therapists. This means there is no direct cost to you.

The aim of the ECP is to improve patient outcomes by allowing treatment to continue until all patient goals are achieved. Being able to utilise any of the health professionals in the team facilitates this to occur.

If you have a knee, shoulder or lower back injury, you may fulfill the criteria for acceptance on to the ECP programme. Your physiotherapist will inform you about the process and is able to refer you for assessment.

We work with a number of other health professionals on the ECP, so if you are seeing an orthopaedic specialist or sports physician, they can also refer you on to the ECP and you can request to have your physiotherapy with us.

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