Our Services


At Balance Physiotherapy we treat a variety of musculoskeletal injuries including:

• neck pain
• back pain
• headaches
• shoulder pain
• hip pain
• shoulder pain
• muscle strains and tears
• post operative rehabilitation
• pain from poor posture
• pain or stiffness after fractures

We follow you from acute injury management right through to getting back onto the sports field.
We may use manual therapy, such as massage, mobilisation and manipulation, electrotherapy, exercise therapy, Pilates and postural reeducation to assist your rehabilitation.

Pilates: an excellent tool for improving core stability, important for injury prevention and to enhance sporting performance.
Pilates classes are available at some schools.
Pilates sessions for sports teams.

Muscle balance Assessments:

A great pre-season assessment tool conducted by our physiotherapists.
Another important tool for injury prevention.


Kinesiotape can be used to ease muscle strain, to improve muscle function, to improve circulation and for pain relief. Ask out physiotherapists about it.

Practical Taping technique sessions

Excellent for coaches and students.

Educational Sessions

Other teaching sessions are also available.