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Due to the current lockdown, Balance Physiotherapy is providing Telehealth Consultations during school closure.  

This is a consultation via zoom video link to provide initial assessment, or reassessment, advice and progression of rehab programmes.

Appointments can be made by emailing sharada@balancephysio.co.nz or phone or text 021 742 723.

This applies to new and existing patients & there is no surcharge for this service during the lockdown.

ACC Related Cases:
Initial: $25.00 Follow Up: $25.00

Private Consultation:
Initial: $65.00 Follow Up: $60.00

Variable cost. Your physiotherapist will inform you before they are used.

Failed Appointment:
May incur a full consultation charge.

Costs are payable on the day. Late payment fees may apply.

Pilates Classes:
Please enquire.

Muscle balance assessments and correction programmes:
Please enquire.

Teaching sessions:
Please enquire.